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Frequently asked question

When will the rooms be allocated?

The allocation of the rooms is done a few days before the contract begins. The allocation of rooms for building 9 is done according to the date of payment of the administrative fee. The sooner the administrative fee is paid, the greater the chance to get a room in building 9.

When can I know my room number?

You will be informed of your room number at the time of your check-in.

What happens if I sign a contract for an unlimited period?

When signing a contract for an unlimited period, the person will have to stay to the end of a contract period. The three end dates are the following:

- Autumn semester: December 31 or January 31
- Spring semester: June 30
- Summer period: August 31

The termination of a contract for an unlimited period must be communicated at least 2 months before the end of a period.

What about visitors in the room?

Nights spent by visitors must always be announced in advance at the reception and the required fee must be paid.

Where can I pick up my packages?

All packages of the residents are left at the reception and the residents are informed by the reception.

What happens to my room during the summer?

During the summer period (July-August), you have two options:

- You can reserve your room during the summer period (please extend the contract early enough, if necessary). If you don’t occupy your room during the two months in the summer, you can report this at the reception and the additional costs, internet and the cleaning costs will be deducted.
- You can also terminate your contract for June 30 and sign a new contract for the autumn semester. In this case you will then receive another room.

Who provides the bed linens?

The bed linens are provided and washed by the Cité St-Justin. The hand and shower towels must be brought and washed by the residents themselves.

Who provides the cooking utensils?

Students must bring their own cooking utensils and dishes. For building 7, it must be Induction pans. Every room in building 9 has a refrigerator.

What about cleaning and internet costs?

These services are mandatory and are integrated in the contract.

Can the duration of a contract be changed?

The extension of the duration of a contract must be announced at least two months before the original contract ends.

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