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St. Rita

Rita was born in 1380 in Roccaporena, Umbria. Even as a child, she often retired to pray.





But when one day she asked to retire among the Augustinian hermit sisters of Cascia, her parents refused to let her go. In order not to give their daughter to the spiritual life, her parents decided to marry her off as soon as possible. Obediently, Rita accepted, but her parents had chosen an angry and violent man. For eighteen years, Rita endured all her husband's humiliations. When her husband was murdered, her two sons wanted to avenge him. In desperation, Rita prayed to save the souls of her children and prevent this bloody act. God heard her prayers and answered her, for her two sons were soon swept away by an epidemic.

From then on, nothing could stop Rita from fulfilling her childhood vow. After several refusals, she was finally accepted into the convent. The last part of her life was devoted to expiation and penance. She put all her strength into practising her monastic vows and the rules of the convent. She fasted and slept on the floor.


Religious life



As a sign of grace, at the age of 60 Rita received the stigmata of the crown of thorns, in the form of an open wound on her forehead, for her profound veneration of the Passion of Christ.

Rita died on 22 May 1457 in Cascia.

Lettres de Sainte-Rita

About twice a year, we offer to the faithful and pilgrims a bill from Roccaporena, written by Father Jean-Claude Pariat, in french and german. Each bill recounts parts of the life of Saint Rita, downloadable in pdf format. Here we present the most recent letters, but it is quite possible to consult the older bills here

The League of St. Rita

The League of St. Rita aims to support the training of religious men and women and to help for emergencies, through donations of the faithful.

You can join the League of St. Rita through a one time donation of CHF 15 per person or CHF 20 per family.


United in prayer


A Mass is held every Thursday morning in honor of St. Rita, according to the intentions of League members, as well as for the dead.

Your gesture of solidarity helps us to accomplish our mission