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Common Spaces

The Foyer offers several common rooms that are maintained by the residents under supervision. Upon arrival, each resident is trained and guided by the staff of the Foyer in the proper use of the available cleaning materials. "Together, by students for students" is the underlying idea that also plays a central role in the residents' daily lives and in the use of the common rooms.

Community kitchen

Our Foyer has a spacious communal kitchen that is available to all residents from 06:00 to 23:00. Personal cooking utensils can be stored in the kitchen cupboards provided for this purpose. The residents of our house clean the kitchen themselves, according to a binding cleaning plan and under the guidance of the staff.

Dining room

A small dining room is available for all residents in the Foyer to take their meals. During the day, the dining room can also be used as a study area and contact zone. A coffee machine (for a fee) is also available. In addition, the breakfast offered by the Foyer (07:00 to 09:00) is taken here.

Wash- and drying room

Residents have access to two washing machines, an electric dryer, an ironing board, iron and space to hang washed clothes. Detergent is provided by the house management and may be used freely, but of course there is nothing to prevent you from using your own detergent.

Study room

The Foyer has a furnished study and meeting room for up to 5 people, which can be used by residents by appointment. As with all communal spaces, we place a lot of emphasis on respecting the house rules when using this room. This is intended to be a quiet room, without shouting or loud music.


The small terrace of the house invites you to linger outside and enjoy the view of the 'Irchel' and the landscape beyond. Smoking is strictly prohibited here, as is the rest of the area.

Garden & Barbecue area

The Foyer also offers a small garden/barbecue area which can be used by the residents for relaxation and socialising. However, consideration should always be given to those whose windows are on the garden side. Mutual respect is very important to us.

Party and music room

The party room in the basement, handcrafted from scratch, is also available to all residents and offers another place to socialise with its rustic flair. The unfurnished adjoining room can be used as a music room or, if required, furnished and used as a further study room.


The chapel is open to all to pray and meditate, as a place of peace and reflection. Although we are open to all religions and beliefs, we want to uphold our Christian values and live by them. Everyone who wants to become part of our community should be aware of this.

Parking facilities

It is not possible to park your own car in the Foyer area. The individual parking spaces are reserved for staff and suppliers. However, daily permits for the nearby parking areas (blue zone) can be purchased at the reception. A small garage and a shelter are available for bicycles. Motorbikes and scooters can be parked on the premises with the permission of the house management - but space is limited. And of course the caretaker has the biggest motorbike, followed by the house management - everything needs to be in order.