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1. The guiding idea

Œuvre St-Justin nurtures and encourages intercultural and interreligious dialogue. As an institution of the Swiss Catholic Church, it supports the training of men and women from developing countries who are prepared, after their training, to work in their home countries.

Œuvre St-Justin aims to awaken and promote understanding of the universal Church as a community of faith for the world. It also aims to be a place of welcome and listening for men and women in financial difficulty or suffering from health problems.


2. Who are we?

François Charrière (bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg from 1945 to 1970) founded the Œuvre St-Justin in 1927 to train executives from developing countries, coming to study either in Switzerland, Europe or their home countries. Mgr Charrière chose Saint Justin, philosopher and martyr of the early Church, as patron and protector of the Œuvre.

3. What do we intend ?

Our objectives are:

– To allow people to acquire an education
– To offer these individuals an environment, giving them good chances of succeeding in their chosen studies.
– To realize the Kingdom of God on this Earth, by the commitment of all the people involved
– To promote a way of life where tolerance and equality are applied in a democratic spiri
Our homes are no ghettos. They resemble a world in miniature, open to all individuals, regardless of their religion or culture. Together we try to build a more peaceful and fairer world. We cultivate fraternal relationships


4. In what spirit are we moving forward?

Jesus Christ and his Good News, as it lives in the Church, are the foundations of our action. With the Church’s Magisterium and in accordance with the principles that govern the universal commitment of all the churches, Œuvre St-Justin emphasises respect for human dignity, social justice and solidarity, respect for Creation, responsibility and hope.

5. Principle actions

The principles expressed above need to be more closely explained:

– All the individuals associated with our institution must be able to comply with the charter – its objectives and its spirit.
– The charter is a tool for coaching the personnel.
– All the people involved take part in the planning and decision-making process according to their responsibilities within the Oeuvre St. Justin. This implies adequate information.
– We try to talk honestly and openly about the differences of opinion and conflicts.
– We use the available resources carefully (buildings, finances, energy, etc.), knowing that we are only administrators.


6. Binding nature of the charter

The charter provides a guidance tool for the bodies responsible for the Œuvre St-Justin. For both the members of the Foundation and the staff, it is a constitutive and binding document. This is why it requires annual reflection and evaluation by the Director and the members of the Foundation.

approved on 10 September 2020