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Common Spaces

Common spaces

For your comfort, residents have access to: ·

2 big community kitchens
A dining room with a lounge, TV & relaxation area
A laundry room
A big terrace
Bike room
A storage room for suitcases


On the ground floor you will find 2 large kitchens with hotplates, ovens, microwaves, sinks, and work surfaces for preparing meals.
An individual locker is available for you to leave your utensils.

Dining room

A large dining room (tables - chairs - relaxation area - TV) is available for you to socialise and eat on your own or with others. It is your responsibility to leave this living space as clean as you would like to find it yourself for the next person.

Laundry room

2 washing machines and 1 dryer are in the basement as well as clotheslines for hanging your clothes. You can buy a magnetic key for the machines with a deposit of CHF 25.- (the deposit is returned to you when you leave). You will be able to recharge your laundry key as many times as you wish.

Study room

We offer you a quiet space dedicated to work in peace and tranquillity.


On the first floor you have an open terrace available, where you can relax, eat, drink, meditate and talk.
For smokers, the terrace is the only place permitted to smoke.
It is obvious that this place is also your responsibility to keep clean. After use, you will have to empty the ashtrays, throw out your bottles, clean tables and stack chairs.
In order to avoid any problems with the neighbours, access to the terrace is forbidden after 1

Bike room

In the basement there is a storage place for bikes. You must declare your bike at the reception and put your room number on the bike. The bike should be locked. The Foyer will not be held responsible in case of theft.

Storage room

You can leave your suitcases and cardboard boxes, with a limitation of 2 items per resident, in our locked storage room. You must go through the reception to get access.