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Discover our student rooms in Zürich !


Our rooms are all furnished in a functional way and offer space in a wide range of sizes; from a simple 10m2 single room to a spacious double room, our foyer offers a wide selection of room types in several room categories. Please refer to our price list for prices and room types. Note that we rent out our rooms primarily on a semester basis and that most rooms become available in February and September. The time windows in which we accept enquiries for the coming semester are as follows:

15. November - 15. December

15. April - 15. May

Please note that we do not operate on a 'first come, first served' basis, but only start the initial shortlisting process once we have a reasonable number of applicants to compare against. For you, this means that the process can sometimes take longer. But it also means that your chances of getting a room are still good if you apply towards the end of the application window. We sincerely mean it when we say: "Quality before time".

Small student room (SMALL)

Surface: 10m2 (ca)
Fridge in the room: No
Bathroom / Toilet: Floor (10 parties)

Standard student room (STANDARD)

Surface: 12m2 (ca)
Fridge in the room: Yes
Bathroom / Toilette: Floor (10 parties)

Big student room (BIG)

Surface: 14m2 (ca)
Fridge in the room: Yes
Bathroom / Toilet: Floor (8 parties)

Double room (LARGE)

Surface: 18m2 (ca)
Fridge in the room: Yes
Bathroom / Toilette: Floor (7 parties)


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